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Welcome to the first podcasting developments on the Spider Post website. Since video takes up so much space on the server, some of the larger episodes may disappear from the queue from time to time. If this disrupts things for you, I apologize for this in advance. It may require simply to unsubscribe and then subscribe again to view the proper order of things. The first episode is a video edited primarily in iMovie and then exported to Garageband for a few jingles and a simple voice track. Nothing fancy, but I'll be working on my editing techniques as this project unfolds.

Well the first episode has obviously changed since I wrote those lines, however, I still own and use the iPod that got me started in all of this online video stuff.

This page exists merely to give the podcast a home page. Please feel free to visit this page if you are having difficulty with the podcast or have questions concerning the content. You may direct all questions to me
at: The Spider.

One of the most important things to consider about video podcasts is their size. Most are not for the faint of heart or for people with slow internet connections and/or outdated and slow equipment. I have listed the feed with iTunes in the Education/K-12 category/sub-category, but you can simply use the following link to access it in iTunes:

My iTunes Podcast on iTunes


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I love my Mac software and the Macromedia Studio stuff as well. I just couldn't resist putting some Flash video into an iPod frame. Roman Martinez, top goal scorer in his senior year last year, gets the honor of being featured in the first two videos for the iPod! David Ratcliff is featured in video number three.

Falcon Soccer Flash Videos

falcon soccer logo

Roman M. Scores

Roman Scores Again

David R. Scores

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