Help For Gamemaker Tutorial #2 - Part 1
On the left you see a screenshot showing all of the items you need to organize and code for Part 1of this tutorial. After completeing this part, your game should have randomly spawning islands, enemy planes, a scrolling background, and a bullet that fires from your plane that will destroy the enemy ships. Your ship should also be destroyed should you run into an enemy, a scoreboard should appear, and an automatic restart. Make sure you begin building this game by switching to the advanced mode.

*Click on Items Below for details on how they are coded:

Creating Background and Room

Creating the Island Objects

Creating the Friendly Plane

Creating the Bullet

Creating the Enemy


Enemy Spawn Controller

*These instructions assume that you understand you must create the required sprites, objects, and events in order to place the actions on them.

Additional Help Files

Enemy Bullet

Enemy Plane 2

Enemy Plane 3

Enemy Bullet 2

Life and Health Controller

A note about creating sprites and objects:

This tutorial assumes that you know where the files for this tutorial are located in the Gamemaker folder and that you have some experience assigning images to sprites and sprites to objects. One important note about creating sprites for this game. Use the "Center" aligned orientation button when creating your sprites.

Final version of the game created in Game Maker. This version has several power-ups added to make it more interesting.

Mac version